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Cheryl Millsaps, Ph.D.

Stuart Tieszen, M.D.

Elena Herndon, M.D.

  Eric Crowe, M.D.

Joel Melvin, Ph.D.

Nathan Hansen, M.D.

Margaret Smith, LCSW

Leslie Kahn, LCSW

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  Eric Crowe, M.D.

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We strive to provide each patient with the most comprehensive mind-body healthcare possible.  Make an appointment today to visit one or more of our providers in our network of neuropsychology, psychiatry, psychology, and social work. 

Call (205) 329-7805 or (205) 329-7815 for your appointment today.

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Gastric Bypass and Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve Evaluations

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations

Dementia / Alzheimer's Evaluations

Evaluations of Children and Adolescents


Clinics / Providers

ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder

Birmingham Neuropsychology (205) 329-7815

              Rick Azrin, Ph.D.

              Cheryl Millsaps, Ph.D.

Brookwood Psychiatric Associates (205) 329-7805

              Stuart Tieszen, M.D.

Brookwood Psychology (205) 329-7805                

              Joel Melvin, Ph.D.

Comprehensive Memory Center (205) 329-7815

Disability Evaluations (205) 329-7815

Elena Herndon, M.D. (205) 329-7805

Eric Crowe, M.D. (205) 329-7805

Gastrointestinal Illness Resource Clinic (205) 329-7815

Nathan Hansen, M.D. (205) 329-7805

Pain and Stress Assessment and Management (205) 329-7815

Leslie Kahn, LCSW


Information / Education:

Weight Loss Surgery Information

Dementia / Alzheimer's, & Stroke & ADHD Information


Diets and Dieting


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