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Your clients are likely to present you on a daily basis with a variety of needs, from the need to have their workerís compensation claims validated to the need to determine the competency of their loved ones. It is at such times that you may find that you are in need of neuropsychological assessment services.

This need is where Birmingham Neuropsychology, LLC can help provide you and your client with in-depth and comprehensive services. Whether you are looking to support your clientís claim for disability, perform psychological diagnostic assessment and severity determination, examine for possible brain injury, assess their future quality of life and functional abilities, or determine their maximum medical cure, we can work with you to provide all the services and referrals for your needs.

Services Offered

Birmingham Neuropsychology, LLC offers a wide variety of assessments for all of your legal needs. Our trained and friendly staff perform hundreds of assessments per year, including testing for cognitive deficits resulting from head injury, dementia, TIA/stroke, seizure, multiple sclerosis, encephalopathy, toxic exposure, or brain tumor. We also assess for all major psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Our staff is trained to assess underlying neurocognitive causes for disability and workerís compensation claims, as well as detect any possible malingering on the part of the client.

Finally, our clinic is well-known in the community as a leading resource for competency assessments. We can detect dementia, Alzheimerís disease, and other memory deficits that may affect a personís competency to drive, handle his or her own finances, make decisions regarding medical care, and live independently. As you well know, competency is a leading factor in a personís ability to legally enter into a contract or create or amend a will.

Your clients deserve the most complete service in their times of need.

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