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Please call (205) 329-7815 for an appointment between 8-12pm or 1-4pm, and be sure to leave us a voice mail if nobody can speak to you right away.

or email

Please click on the following forms you may complete online  (during Covid times)

1) New patient Form (insurance and phone and address, etc):

2) History Form (Relevant history about your issues):


When Covid is no longer a concern we may go back to in-person interviews described below, but for now, the initial interview will be done online.


Please click here for the forms you will need to complete and bring to your ADD evaluation.

Please read and fill out the above forms before the appointment.  Bring the following to the appointment: the enclosed form, list the exact names daily dosages and who prescribed medications (or bring bottles for all current medications), snacks/drinks if needed, glasses / hearing aids if needed for hearing / reading.  Some find the evaluation a bit tiring, so please be sure patient has had a good meal and a good night sleep before the evaluation, if possible. 


The testing usually lasts from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the patientís energy level / abilities.  The doctor  will spend time with the patient and any significant people/friends/relatives to get background information and testing.  Rest breaks are given. 


These assessments are commonly requested for individuals who have experienced an accident, stroke, or anything that may change the way the brain works.  The evaluation is designed to assess what changes have occurred and look at what this means to the patientís life.  Here are a few common situations Dr. Azrin & Millsaps assess:


         A person begins to notice a problem with forgetfulness after suffering a head injury in an accident.

         A person is depressed or anxious and their ability to think has become worse.

         An elderly person is experiencing memory lapses and wants to find out if this is just a normal part of aging or the sign of a memory problem.

         A person has suffered some injury to their brain, and they may now have difficulty functioning in some areas of their daily lives.


Your assessment will be conducted by Dr. Richard L. Azrin or Dr. cheryl@123 Millsaps, Licensed Neuropsychologists.  They have specialized training in understanding how the brain works and how it affects behavior, thinking, and personality.


The doctors will be assessing specific skills using a wide range of activities.  These skills include concentration, memory, language, and problem solving.  Some of the ways these are tested include answering questions, remembering certain information and writing things down.  The neuropsychological assessment does not involve a medical check-up, or a psychiatric assessment.  Assessments are usually of great value to family, friends, doctors or therapists in helping them to understand your problems better and providing you with the best support.


The test results will usually be explained in a follow-up appointment after the evaluation is completed. 

Thank you for your time and effort.


Please click here for directions and to see the map to our offices

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