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Please contact Shirley today at (205) 329-7805 to make an appointment with one of our psychiatrists.

Please contact Shirley or Taylor today at (205) 329-7805 to make an appointment to see Dr. Eric Crowe, Psychiatrist.

Please note that all providers take Medicare, except Dr. Crowe and Dr. Tieszen are not accepting any new Medicare patients.


Forms:  Click here to download paperwork for your first appointment

Dr. Eric Crowe graduated with a Baccalaureate Degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia in 2002.  Dr. Crowe earned a Medical Degree in 2006 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine and completed his residency in Psychiatry at UABís Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology.  Dr. Crowe specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mental health disorders, including mood disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders (e.g., panic disorder, OCD, PTSD), psychotic disorders (e.g., schizophrenia), personality disorders (e.g., borderline personality disorder), marital conflict, and coping with major life changes such as divorce, loss of a job, or loss of a loved one.

As a Psychiatrist, Dr. Crowe may prescribe medication or perform psychotherapy, or he may recommend a combination of therapy and medication.  The choice of treatment strategy depends on several factors, including the specific mental health issue involved and patient preferences for treatment.  After gathering information on symptoms and history of problems, Dr. Crowe discusses different treatment options with patients.  He often uses treatment approaches that may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Supportive Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

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