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Topic for January 20, 2007: Over-eating, alcohol, drugs, anxiety, and depression.


Dr. Richard Azrin is a clinical psychologist.  He did his fellowship at UAB and has been practicing in Birmingham since 1995.  He specializes in assessment, with an emphasis on patients with medical disorders, and he has a special interest in obesity issues. 

Dr. Azrin has been seeing patients from all the major bariatric centers in Birmingham, and has become an integral part of our program here at Medical Center East.  His staff is friendly, courteous, efficient, and sensitive. 





Dr. Azrinís partner, Dr. Millsaps, is also a clinical psychologist with the same training and specialization. She did her fellowship at UAB and also specializes in patients with various medical disorders.  She has been working mainly with bariatric patients for several years.




Dr. Azrin and Dr. Millsaps are in a group practice with psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and social workers.  We have an integrative team approach to treating patients locally with a varied approach tailored to each patientís individual needs. 


We are here to assist you on your journey to better and healthier living.


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