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 The Kosher Cafe is no longer hosting the recurring Lunch and Learn event Tuesdays, which started in December, 2006 at the Kosher Cafe in the JCC and ended in March, 2007.  The Tuesday lunches will no longer feature local rabbis speaking/discussing interesting topics and issues.  Topics will be posted at when available. 


We may have Tuesday or Sunday events in the future, please call for details (205-386-3130).

When: Every Tuesday at noon (this has ended)

Where: Kosher Cafe in the JCC

What: Lunch at the Kosher Cafe & Learn with our rabbis giving weekly talks

Who: Everyone is welcome, no need for a reservation (come early to get lunch and a seat)

Tuesday Schedule (Weekly Torah Portion & other topics)

Past Talks

12/5/2006: Rabbi Friedman: What were the Macabees fighting for? The Jewish view on independance.

12/12/2006: Rabbi Shmidman: Nature or Nurture: A Jewish Perspective

12/19/2006: Rabbi Shmidman: Responding To Terror

12/26/2006: Rabbi Friedman (to be announced)

1/2/2007: Rabbi Posner (to be announced)

1/9/2007: Rabbi Glusman is speaking & his TBE class will be coming to the LJCC!

1/16/2007: Rabbi Ira Flax: Jimmy Carter and the Jews

1/23/2007: Rabbi Miller

1/29/2007: Rabbi Shmidman: The Secret of the Jewish Calendar

2/6/2007: Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss: Text Study

2/13/2007: Rabbi Shmidman: The Secret of Jewish Time




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