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Social skills help at www.modelmekids.com

Autism Society for Alabama 205-951-1364 or 1-877-4AUTISM


Behavior Analyst

Rachel Azrin, BCBA, (305) 490-4561 or rachelaz@bellsouth.net

Courtney Dees King, BCBA, www.handsllc.com 866-450-4263, 205-733-0976

Child Psychologists

Child Psychiatrists

Steven Kowalski 423-9440 child and adolescent board cert

Don Paoletti 879-2120 (with Gurmendi)

Karen Callahan (G & Assoc)


Exercise/Mobility Issues

Dr. Sophia Lal, Sports Medicine Physiatrist, (205) 879-8206 or fagansportsmedicine.com


Learning Help

Spring Valley School for Learning Disabilities

Masterminds tutoring


Sexual Offenders or Pedophiles

Deegan Malone, Ed.S. LPC, Clinical Therapist: 205-356-5083

Sleep Study


Dr. Victoria Besalel or Nathan Azrin, psychologists (954) 491-6984


Substance Abuse

Karen Johnson, Ph.D. Homewood: 874-7844

Ron Yount at The Counseling Center at Riverchase 682-9919


Summer Camp

A.D.H.D. / Oppositional Defiant (O.D.D.) / Asperger's    http://circ-uab.infomedia.com/content.asp?id=98821




Dr. Victoria Besalel or Nathan Azrin, psychologists (954) 491-6984


Vision Therapy

Dr. Sharon Snider 408-4414

Dr. Kristine Hopkins 975-5233 or clinic: 934-3058 (UAB)

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB) 761-3250 or 328-3989 www.aidb.org



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